Who doesn’t love color-coded bookshelves?

Another one of my big loves is color-coded bookshelves — when done well.  As a book-lover, I’m huge into bookshelves, in general, and love the look of floor-to-ceiling books.  What better way to display your collection than to have them color-coded?  Friends of mine in Boston took it a step further and covered all their books with white dust covers and then hand-labeled each book title which also gives a beautiful, unified look to your shelves.

Now all this scene needs is a big cup of steaming coffee…


  1. Josh says:

    Where does one purchase the dust covers? I want a uniform look for all my books without having to buy them specifically in one colour.. thank you! :)

    • amyswear says:

      Hi Josh – my friends who did this went totally old school and just made the dustcovers themselves (like we used to in school!). Michaels and other art supply shops have great paper choices and you can use a pretty light-weight paper. Wrapping paper also works! Good luck and send a photo to tillyscottage at gmail.com if you end up doing it.

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