Whole Cloth Quilt

I’ve been sick for the last few days so I’ve spent a lot of time underneath this quilt and in front of the TV. Thank goodness today is a holiday in Ireland so I have an extra day to recover!

My mom and I made this whole cloth quilt together back in 2000 when my parents had a bricks and mortar quilting shop in the Portland, Oregon, area (now online here). It’s pretty simple and I’m told that whole cloth quilting is a good way to practice machine quilting.  It’s literally two pieces of cloth with batting in between, then quilted together which you can do by hand or on a machine.  In my case, I did the quilting on a long-arm quilting machine they had at their shop. Then you just bind the edges (my mom did that part). 

Tilly is one of the only dogs I know who truly watches TV — seriously.  She barks at every dog, horse, goat or other type of animal that goes across the screen — whether real or animated.  I thought it was cute that she had somehow managed to wrap herself up in the quilt. Very cute. 

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