Wild dogs and blackberries

I went walking over the weekend down at the beach with Tilly and her BFF, Jake.  While the dogs chased each other in the sand, I rambled on the outskirts to pick wild blackberries while listening to NPR (I’m truly addicted to “Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me”). It was such a relaxing way to spend a couple of hours and a win/win for all — the dogs were “dog tired” afterward, I got in a good bit of exercise while being entertained and caught up on the week’s news in the US and best of all, I managed to pick a huge bowl full of blackberries which would have cost at least 5 euro at the supermarket. 

I came home and made a blackberry crumble (good thing I took that walk before…).  Here’s a pic of Tilly and Jake at the beach — looking vicious but the two of them couldn’t be happier…

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