Tilly’s Cottage started on the suggestion of my friend, Kristin, as a means to share my home renovations with family and friends back home in the States.  But as I was getting ready to move out of my apartment in Dublin, Ireland, I started going through catalogs of look books that I’d created out of clippings from old magazines.  It was then that I decided that Tilly’s Cottage would not only be a great way to log the renovation journey but would also be a good way for me to capture all my design loves in one place (and a blog’s not nearly as heavy to carry!).  And then I thought…why stop there? I love photography, I love Dublin — why not write about that, too?

The name inspiration came from two sources — the first from my “new old house” which is, in fact, a cottage.  The second comes from the little creature who had a strong influence on the purchase decision (especially the part about buying a house adjacent to a big park) and that’s Tilly.

If you like what you see (and even if you don’t!), please share a comment, send a photo of your own project or something that inspires you.  You can send photos and feedback to TILLYSCOTTAGEBLOG at GMAIL dot com. Thanks! Amy


  1. Michelle Nelson says:

    Hi Amy! Got your Christmas card today and just had to come spend some time on your blog! It’s great! Lots of great ideas! You’ve always been so creative! Can’t wait to see more on Tilly’s Cottage and what you do there! How exciting! Sure do miss you! Think of you often! If you’re ever in Kansas…..:) Love, Michelle

  2. Kathy says:

    Hi Amy,

    Stumbled across this link in my “favs” and decided to take a two minute break to see if you were in the cottage. Looks like you are! I love your blog. It’s wonderful. Hope all goes well. Miss you tons and hope that you are planning a visit to the States soon!!! Happy Valentines’ day to YOU. xo

  3. Eddie Binder says:

    Hi Amy: Likewise, I just got this year’s holiday card. You are so great about sending those and always wishing our entire family well. Your blog is absolutely fantastic! To think, when we worked together, the conversation was about client servers and some such stuff which I was supposed to understand and that you really did. I wish you much happiness! I have Ireland and Dublin in particular on my list. If for no other reason than I must take the tour at the Guinness plant. That and the golf and all I have read about the people. And the countryside looks spectacular, too. A visit or two to a local pub sounds great as well. I sit on the Board of a company in the UK and visit there 2-3 times a year. So, maybe, I’ll get your way someday soon. Take care and enjoy. Happy 2012!!! Eddie

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