Brent’s projects

Projects and productivity abound among my friends and family. I need to get on the stick and catch up.

Here are some of the latest from Brent including a beautiful hand-designed and hand-crafted chair (amazing!), a table runner and new seat coverings for his dining table and while he had the sewing machine and fabric out…why not an eco-friendly shopping bag, too?!?

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nhow Hotel Berlin

Fintan was telling me all about the music-themed nhow Hotel in Berlin. Located on the banks of the River Spree, this hipster hotel even has two recording studios on site.  Their website says they are for “business travelling cosmopolitans, international jetsetters, night owls and the hottest bands – the one thing uniting them all is a love of music.”  Hmmm. I’m not sure what I think but it certainly is different!

nh1 nh2 nh3 nh4


More ideas for preserving kid’s artwork

I love both of these ideas and must add a third.  a) Take photos of your kid’s artwork and make a photobook b) create a collage from all the artwork c) my mother used to have our artwork transferred onto plastic plates (which most of the photo sites now do – she was way ahead of her time!).  I don’t have a photo of this last idea but I will get one!! :-)

photo 3


photo 4

Fun terraria

Those Leonard ladies were at it again – they created some fun terraria as one of the latest Spring projects from the very productive part of my extended clan.  But more importantly, as a part of writing this post, I have learned that the plural of terrarium is terraria (although, apparently, terrariums is also acceptable).


Solar Decathlon

The US Department of Energy holds a Solar Decathlon every two years where teams of college students are challenged to design, build and operate an energy-efficient and fully solar-powered home on the National Mall in DC.  Teams representing countries around the world are each given $100,000 and over several weeks, the students assemble houses to showcase their approach. Here are some of the 2013 entrants.

sd1 sd2 sd3



On the theme of things to do with your Instagram photos, Instacube streams your Facebook and/or Instagram photos in real-time, wirelessly at three times the size of the average smart phone. I see lots and lots of professional potential for this — either just for a bit of fun office morale or for someone like my sister in real estate.  A bit gimmicky but still a clever idea.

instacube-3-620x387 instacube-4-620x413

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