Walter Mitty Coffee Project



I’m all for discovering trendy little spots in Dublin and I happened upon the Walter Mitty Coffee Project  – a hipper than hip coffee shop on Dublin’s ever-so-chic Dawson Street. I thought it was a groovy little independent but I should have known that the rents on Dawson Street are much too high for that to ever be a real possibility.  It’s actually part of the Cafe Sol group which is also one of my favorites (and who provided the inspiration for the blue color of my kitchen walls). So, I was slightly deflated when I learned the truth, but I’m over it now. This place has got a nice vibe and the decor is fab. Check it out next time you want to hang with the hipsters in “the big smoke”.

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Just makes me giggle


I was innocently out for a walk the other day with my small human and her fluffy white companion and happened upon this scene. I giggled outloud and, very maturely, stopped to take a photo to capture the moment to share with you all.

Someone could have simply dropped this item out of their gym bag but of course, my mind was coming up with all kinds of seedy events that led to the misplacing of this undergarment. Perfect for your next caption contest.


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This was almost exclusively the reason I bought myself an iPad Mini over Christmas.  Funny enough, my computer has been acting up lately and it’s been a Godsend for entertaining Lottie and also for Skyping my parents every evening which is not at all how I envisioned using it.  It was supposed to be “mine” but has very quickly become “ours”.  Anyway, on one of the evenings when Lottie was asleep, she let me use it for a little while and I was able to use my Paper app from 53.  I love it.  I just wish I had a chance to use it more so that I could get better at it.  Anyway, here is my attempt at drawing Tilly lying next to me without picking up the stylus from the screen – a technique I saw mentioned by my high school buddy, Jennifer, on her blog.



My sister’s before & after video

My sister, Rebecca, and her husband have done some amazing work on their house over the last few years. It was a REAL fixer upper when they bought it and they turned it into a beautiful home and it’s in a great Boston-area neighborhood, Arlington.  They just sold it and are about to embark on their next project — a little riverside urban cottage. I can’t wait to share the photographs. (I need to start mentioning which sister I’m talking about because people are always amazed when they find out I have three sisters because I refer to them all as “my sister” :-) ).

Curb appeal?

IMG_6948Okay, at first glance, there might not be anything particularly special in this photograph but I am keeping it to add to my mental file of things I’m going to have done on the house.  You see, it’s common here to have a cut-out in the door  for your mail to go through but I’ve learned the hard way that this can be very cold and drafty when you don’t have a second inner door.  So, I thought I was being clever and added a “post box” on the inside of my door to prevent the draft and catch the post.  The only problem I didn’t anticipate with this was the fact that it drives Tilly crazy and she barks like her life depends on it (or perhaps more accurately, like all our lives depend on it!). So, when I saw this house, I noticed that it has a super simple door which I love and a post box on the outside of the house. Problem solved…why didn’t I think of that before?


Happy Easter

I’m borrowing this photo from Christiana because it’s perfect for an Easter post and yet another excuse for me to show off her talents.  This is one of her designs among her annual pysanky-styled Ukrainian Easter eggs. Love, love, super love.

Ukrainian Easter Egg