…kinda’ like The Hunger Games but a little bit different.  Peeta is an Italian graffiti artist (also known as Manuel Di Rita) living in Venice. His work employs sculptural layering and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen.




Happy birthday, Kylee

My sweet and beautiful niece, Kylee, is 15 today.  Hard to believe 15 years have gone by so quickly. She’s a creative soul – loves crafts and Pinterest. A girl after my own heart. I hope she doesn’t mind that I’m sharing a snap of her Pinterest boards – but I love what she pins!

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 22.46.51

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It’s Mother’s Day in Ireland today and I don’t know how my sisters in the USA figured that out but they were so nice to send me these beautiful teacup roses! It’s good to have sisters and I’m lucky enough to have three of them!


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UCD Clinton Institute

I was at a meeting a couple of mornings ago at the University College Dublin Clinton Institute for American Studies. Named after Bill Clinton for his work on the peace talks with Northern Ireland leading up to the Good Friday agreement, the building is chock full of beautiful art and features. I wanted to take photos but it wouldn’t have been appropriate! Oh well, at least I have one of the building and maybe I’ll get to visit it again…