Baby animal love ❤️

Young miss Lottie and I (and miss Tilly, too) went to Cavan last weekend and I had the pleasure of meeting a one-day old calf. Lottie was unimpressed as if to say “why spend so much time oo-ing and ah-ing over the small calf when there are a bunch of huge cows right behind it?” But I was a little bit in love.

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Another vicarious project

I’m outing my sister on her new project — a little cottage on the river but still accessible to all the major thoroughfares in the city.  I can’t say more as I’m already running the risk that she’ll disown me but more to come! She’s calling it her “urban cottage” which I think is an appropriate name from the photos I’ve seen.  She’s pulling together a lot of ideas and here’s one that I think is so fun – largely because I imagine this is where young miss and I will be sleeping when we come for a visit!

screened in porch