James Earley – Street Artist

Okay, I’m a bit embarrassed that I posted about Bloom’s Hotel’s mural the other day and didn’t even realize that it’s the work of someone I’ve met!  (Thanks, Jess, for letting me know!)  He’s the cousin-in-law of one of our friends and Jess & Kalle are lucky enough to have one of his original pieces that he made live during the Brownbread Mixtape show.  But it’s a great opportunity for me to give him some credit and a proper shout out because his work is way cool.  Here’s a bit about him. And here’s some more of his work:

James Earley James Earley2 james-earley-inputout-surface-and-surface-5james-earley-blooms-hotel


Ha’penny bridge, Dublin

Named for the half penny charge one used to have to pay in order to cross, the Ha’penny Bridge is one of Dublin’s most iconic spots. The toll was dropped in 1919 and the turnstiles removed and since then, has been free for all of us to enjoy!

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Gog the dog

Our very creative friend, Sarah, was minding young Casper and Bo over the weekend and she created a real-life Gog (named by Casper) using the drawing Casper made of Gog as her inspiration. She’s amazing! And what a great idea!