New school!

Shellybanks ETNSI can’t  believe I haven’t posted about his yet but the end of September brought some exciting news — a group of local parents and I have been campaigning to get a new school started in the area under the Educate Together patronage.  This has been a long-time effort almost two years in the making.  We were very excited to hear that we’d won our bid and we recently announced that the school is going to be called “Shellybanks” which is what the locals historically called the beach near our house at Sandymount Strand.  We’ve received so many positive comments about the name as it seems to conjure up a lot of positive imagery for people.  More to come but you can see our campaign website here: which will soon be redirected to our new site!


Babies celebrate a birthday!

The local “mums” got together yesterday for a baby birthday party as our little ones have either turned one or are nearly there.  Jessica made an individual animal cupcake for each of them.  I was on the support cupcake making crew.  Look closely and you’ll see there’s a Tilly dog cupcake. photo

babies celebrating

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