Only in Ireland

I just love this scene at the park behind my house the other day. I was being such a ‘Yank’ taking photos of the beautiful rainbow.  None of the guys playing or watching soccer in the foreground even seemed to be aware that they were framed in a rainbow. This, my friends, is why I live (1)

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A Great Book from Orla Kiely

I probably lingered in the local bookshop yesterday longer than I was welcome but I was enamored with this book, Home, by Orla Kiely.  I’m a big fan of the Irish designer — both of her handbags and wallets and more recently, of her home design pieces. The book is written in case study style with a look into Orla’s own home and then into other homes designed in her iconic style. This is a great one to put on your Christmas shopping list for the design lover in your circle. Home by Orla Kiely

The graphic art of Marian Bantjes

I’ve been meaning to post about Canadian graphic artist, Marian Bantjes, for a long while now.  I saw her in the Rebel Design series on Ted Talks and fell in love with her work.  Hearing her talk and seeing her work made me miss the PRINT subscription that we had at Pagano Schenck & Kay which I now see is available on the iPad. Must get an iPad.

Anyway, back to Marian Bantjes — her work is so inspired and unique.  Much of it is typography driven. You can see her calligraphic roots in her work.  And her Valentine cards are some of my favorite and inspires me to keep up the doodling I do that my colleagues make so much fun of me for.  I want to start making individual Valentine cards myself after hearing her talk about the experience.  (Marian made 150 unique cards to send out in 2010– I think I’ll stick with 5-10).

Please check out her website and prepare to be inspired!

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The best year

20131028-104117.jpgIt’s with thanks to this little gem that I can say I’ve had the best year of my life.  My 2012 word of the year was abundance and boy, did I ever get it in spades.  2013’s word was priorities and I can truly say, so far, so good.  Happy birthday, kiddo!

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