Toni’s inspiration

I was recently visiting my friend, Toni, at her beautiful home in Hingham, Massachusetts on Boston’s south shore.  She really has great style and there are so many sweet and comfortable touches throughout her home.

I was especially impressed by the mix of color and pattern in her living room — soft blue ikat fabric and brown zebra fabric with touches of apple green – a great combination.  She told me her inspiration was a tissue box and sent me a photo (see below).  Just goes to show that one can get inspiration in unexpected places!

IMG_4705 IMG_4707inspiration box

From the Hanna with no H in the first name and two letter S’s in the last name…

Hannah AnderssonHow cute it this?  I wanted to pay the exorbitant price of $52 for this because I loved it so and my sister told me I was off my rocker.  Reason won out (Thank, God!) and I passed on it but I still pine a little bit when I see it.  So many cute clothes at Hannah Andersson.