Usually when the sun shines through my courtyard into the living room, all I notice is the dust and dirt on my wood floors. Today, I’m trying to let go and focus on the beautiful prism of colors shining through the beautiful decorative ornament Jessica gave me.


Red Rufus

How cute are these?  I met with the talented artisan of these Red Rufus SockDogs the other day and thought they were super sweet.  They take an unusual spin on the homemade sockdog and the quality is great. Christina was kind enough to make one (and personalize it!) for Lottie.  This is a GREAT gift for a new baby and kids (and adults) of all ages.  She even does some cute wedding SockDogs. Check them out!

RedRufus1 RedRufus2 RedRufus3

Red Rufus

Third Space

Third Space Smithfield Third Space Smithfield

It was great to finally see the Third Space is Smithfield, Dublin, because I did some early work for the owner when it was only his dream to open a “third space” where people could gather and enjoy some good grub and conversation.  They had some great posters of Dublin which I’ve tried to hunt down online with not luck so will have to see if I can go back in and find out more information.

Looking up

I had my 9-year anniversary in Ireland this month and so a lot of the sights that I used to find so interesting here are now just part of my daily life. Case in point is the D’Olier Chambers in Dublin 2. My photo doesn’t do justice to the detail on the building but trust me that it’s beautiful! I have walked by this a million times and not taken a photo so I’m glad I decided to look up yesterday.


Happy birthday, Dad…


Happy birthday to my Dad – entrepreneur, amateur photographer, technology enthusiast, family guy.  As they say in Ireland, “it’s not off the ground that I licked it” – meaning, I guess I take after dear old dad.

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