Caiti’s room for the summer

This will eventually be Lottie’s room and so most everything but the twin bed will be a part of her room but my niece, Caiti, has very kindly agreed to be Mary Poppins for Lottie this summer so it’s set up for her for a few months. Many thanks to Ria for helping me pull it together!


Just one more Anthropologie post for the week

IMG_6022 IMG_6023 IMG_6024Okay, so I had these pics as well and thought I might as well throw them in while I’m back on my Anthropologie kick.  These blackboard-painted storage jars are adorable and could be really easy to do yourself (if you don’t have a new baby and have loads of time) I’m thinking my IKEA jars could use a little customizing which I might investigate someday when I have time again.

Anthropologie pottery

More love for Anthropologie today – I just can’t help myself!  It’s so kitschy, it’s adorable.  I’ve currently got two open shelves in my kitchen full of all white kitchenware but I’ve decided that when I work my way through breaking a significant amount of them (which, at the rate I’m going, won’t be too long) then I’m going to start buying hodge-podge, mismatched kitchenware — the kitsch-ier the better.
Anthropologie pottery

Taylor & Susanna’s Wedding – Part II

And here is just a taste of the very fun wedding decor.  It all had to be sustainable given that it was in a state park so easy to put up and easy to take down without disrupting the environment.  Susanna did a great job on the planning and implementation! I especially loved the idea of wrapping the tree in twine and inserting photos of the couple – very cute and no damage to the tree.  Forever is TodayReception table

Getaway car