Steamer trunk dressing tables

It’s so fun to get transformer furniture for your home.  This little steamer trunk dressing table is a perfect example.  One minute – it’s an unassuming piece of vintage luggage and then the next — a lovely little table for your boudoir. Another little piece I saw in the Conran shop at Arnott’s.

How fun

Are you guys getting sick of me posting patchwork style?  I just can’t help myself.  I love mix and matched patterns and patchwork just fits right into that.  Here are two sofas that I saw in the Conran Shop at Arnott’s last week.  Very fun.  Both pretty pricey so perhaps not what Tilly’s Cottage needs given the little mangy mutt running around but fun nonetheless.  And just as an aside, I like the top sofa the best but definitely not diggin’ it in combination with the striped carpet — maybe that’s just me but I think that’s a little over-the-top!

I found it!!

I can’t believe I found this light.  I mentioned it on the blog many months ago because I saw it through the window of a house at the square where I was staying in Monkstown during the renovation (check out the first picture in the link above).

Ingo Maurer Zettel lamp  is a pendant chandelier where the crystals are replaced with scribbled paper love notes.   You can use the notes it comes with or change and add your own.  Rock on.

Adorned lampshades

I was in Avoca the other day and they had these cute little dressed up lampshades as part of their display.  They weren’t for sale but I bet they’d find a lot of buyers for them if they were.  Cute and fun in sort of a kitsch-y way. 

A bit of inspiration from Rustic Stone

I was out at dinner the other night with Jess and Cathy at The Rustic Stone and probably much to their embarrassment, had to take a photo with my phone of the wall.  It was made up of a bunch of off cuttings from butcher block countertop.  So it was as if it was a huge wall of cutting boards.  I really liked the look. 

Draper’s Cabinet

Here’s another fun home item from Sundance — a Draper’s Cabinet. Draper’s cabinets held all their tools of the trade but now can be used for just about anything.   These cabinets from Sundance are painted black externally with red internally.  It’s a nice combination. I love the shabby chic looks it could lend to a home.