A throwback of the kitchen in Tilly’s Cottage

Here’s an old before & after when I first did the renovation on Tilly’s Cottage. The backyard of the house was 45 feet long and filled with blackberry brambles. I had a friend (who was 80 at the time) who helped me clear the trees and brambles with his chain saw to help the builders out a bit. You can see the light blue door to the outhouse on the left side. The kitchen in the house is still probably my favorite spot – lots of light and where most of the conversation takes place.

Below is a photo taken of the kitchen before we moved out of the house last year — as of just last week, we’re back in it again for a few months until the renovation on Matilda House is complete so it doesn’t look quite as tidy now but it’s nice to be back in a familiar and comfortable home for a little while.

Taken in 2021