New Primary Bedroom

First of all, I have to say that I’m pretty far behind on my real estate terminology as I’ve been using “Master Bedroom” — which, in my defense, is also how it’s commonly labelled here in Ireland in the property listings and also how my female architect labelled what will be my room! And then I saw a listing with a floor plan from my sister’s real estate company with the label “Primary Bedroom”. That totally makes sense and it made we wonder what kind of bubble I’ve been living in that I’d never seen that before.

Now that I’ve finally joined the 21st century, I wanted to share the space that will be my Primary Bedroom. It’s in a slightly cantilevered section of the upstairs and I’m super pleased with the size of the window which perfectly frames the trees in the backyard and in the park which is adjacent to the back of the property. It’s a good-sized room by Irish standards and I can’t wait to make it my little oasis of calm (or, as I recently said in a text with a typo – an “oasis of clam”).

Cantilevered master bedroom and bath
Interior view of the room
Picture window