The challenges of renovation work in uncertain times

I’ve managed a lot of renovation projects over the years between personal and work-related projects and this one has taken the cake. Everything has been delayed (even my grown-up sofa that I ordered in January is still not in stock) and the costs are rising left and right. Time overages and cost overages are not unusual in a reno project, of course, but I was supposed to be in the house at the end of July and the costs of materials just seem to be going through the roof (that grown-up sofa, for example, is on sale today for 400 euro more than what I paid back in January).

Everyone keeps saying, “Well, at least you’ll be in before Christmas.” That (hopefully) does seem to be the case but is it unreasonable of me to want to be in well before that? While the exterior doesn’t look at all finished the interior is coming along. Floors have been installed upstairs and “skirting boards” (aka base boards) are going in. The tiling is almost complete throughout the house and the screed has been poured over the underfloor heating on the ground floor and the kitchen units are ready for installation.

Deep breaths.