This little gem comes with me wherever I go

My favourite memento

I have a LOT of cousins. So when my grandparents had passed and the grown-ups were dividing up family mementos to distribute among the grandkids, there wasn’t a ton to go around. Plus, my grandparents lived a modest life on a farm in Kansas so it’s not as if anyone was looking to score some family jewels (although, one of my sisters did get my grandmother’s ruby ring!).

This is what I got to keep and I love it still. My grandmother had a sink under a window at the side of the house and this little plaque was hung above the window. It was most likely mass produced but it always reminded me of my grandparent’s house and certainly conveys the sentiment of how I felt when I was there — that the grass was green, the birds chirping and the flowers always in bloom.

I’ve carried it with me across the US and across an ocean and it’s had pride of place in every home I’ve lived in whether rented or owned.