In the Thick of It

Well, it’s all go here in my little corner of the world. I cannot wait for this to be all done. It’s moving fast but it’s messy and tiring. The external wall insulation (essentially, all the grey styrofoam) has gone up around the house and they’re starting to do the first coat of render. The house will eventually be off white but we’re a bit away from that level of finish. About 3 more weeks to go — I just hope I can hold my nerve for a little while longer until it’s all finished. And once it’s done, there’s an even bigger job to be done on my part to go through the whole house and clean and organize. Can’t wait!

And of particular note: check out that cleaned up roof. Who knew that it was red underneath? Pretty much every roof on this street looks black from lots of sea air exposure. I had no idea that it actually had this terra cotta look so that was a nice surprise.